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Mini Dental implants come in different shapes and sizes. Dr. Michael P. Sanchez offers a variety to best meet your needs and fit in your budget.



Mini dental implants can allow you to
throw away your dentures and get your teeth back.


Mini Dental Implant Solutions Owasso, OK

It’s never been easier to replace your missing teeth than it is with our mini dental implants in Owasso, OK.

Unlike conventional methods of tooth replacement, mini implants in Owasso become a permanent part of your oral anatomy. That’s why they’re predictable, reliable, and one of the best ways to restore the health and beauty of your smile.

Are You a Candidate for Implant Treatment?

Our Owasso, Oklahoma mini dental implants can be placed in areas where bone is too narrow for a traditional implant prosthesis. There’s no need to alter the adjacent teeth to anchor a bridge in place; with a mini implant, you can enjoy a comfortable and efficient procedure that has you smiling again in no time.

The process usually only requires one appointment to complete!

Even if you’ve been told in the past that dental implants weren’t an option, modern techniques and prosthesis designs make implant therapy available to more of our Owasso, OK patients than ever before.

Why Should Someone Consider Getting Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental Implant Solutions of Owasso, OK recommends implants for situations involving:

  • Loose or ill-fitting dentures that need to be stabilized for comfortable daily wear. Goodbye denture adhesive!
  • Replacing single missing teeth, so that you can smile with confidence and eat all of your favorite foods
  • Support multi-tooth dental restorations, such as bridges (in lieu of wearing a removable partial denture)

Replacing your missing tooth as soon as possible can help you to preserve the natural alignment of your neighboring teeth, so that your bite doesn’t start to drift due to the excess space.

Affordable Owasso, OK Dental Implant Treatments

At Mini Dental Implant Solutions of Owasso, OK, we work closely with our implant patients to help them enjoy cost-effective, quality treatments that produces the best return on investment. With comprehensive and mini dental implant therapy, it’s easy. Flexible payment options include 0% interest and low monthly rates that fit your budget. Apply online or in our office to start on your treatment right away.

Because mini dental implants last longer than any other type of dental restoration, you may actually find that getting implant treatment saves you money over the course of your smile’s life.

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